Vegan Formula Z Night Cap Aminos 100G


This vegan formulation provides you with all the same benefits that our original Formula Z does, but without the animal bi-products!


At Slim By Nature, we are always looking for new ways to be inclusive and customise our products to every demographic – so we introduce to you a VEGAN Formula Z.




Our incredible night cap aminos – Formula Z – are one of the most popular products Slim By Nature has to offer. With the ability to burn fat, rebuild muscle, boost collagen production and reset your metabolism while you sleep, it’s no wonder this product has taken the market by storm!


Formula Z has proven to be one of our most popular products as it can be taken by anyone to improve their metabolism and sleep quality. Typically taken when starting week 3 of our Body Slimming Detox Program, it results in a reignition of the weight loss process – helping you speed towards your ultimate target. Unlike our other Detox products, Formula Z can be taken continuously to help maintain your health.


Try this healthy alternative to Hot Chocolate before bed!*




Just like the original formula, our vegan formula assists the body’s natural metabolism, development and maintenance of healthy organs and tissues. As we age, the natural levels of various hormones decrease in our body – contributing to a lowered metabolism and increased fat stores. Vegan Formula Z is a combination of amino acids and nutrients – just like the original formula – that are aimed at stimulating muscle repair, muscle mass maintenance and healthy weight management. Freshwater algae, chlorella replaces the original formulations’ whey minerals – naturally resulting in boosts of energy, support in fat loss and assistance in detoxing heavy metals like lead and mercury from your body.


Benefits of chlorella include:

– Detoxifies heavy metals

– Supports your immune system

– Promotes fat loss

– Promotes a youthful radiance

– Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

Now there’s simply no excuse not to try it! We have tailored this product to make it suit anyone and everyone – and you can get all the same benefits without the cruelty.




Not to be used as the sole source of nutrition and should be consumed with a nutritious diet and appropriate exercise program. Not suitable for children under 15 years old or pregnant women and should be used under medical or dieticians supervision.

Seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision. If symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or prolonged diarrhoea occur desist use and consult your doctor.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. Please refer to our Disclaimer regarding our products.


Made in Australia