Coconut Water (12 pack)


Beyond Coconut Water is packaged with not-from-concentrate coconut water from Thailand, through a natural process, providing a natural taste.


What makes coconut water so hydrating?


Coconut water is so hydrating because it is readily absorbed into the body. The mineral salts that are found in coconut water, absorb quicker through the stomach wall than plain water. It is also full of electrolytes meaning you can drink it to recover after a workout, much like a sports drink but minus the sugar.


Benefits of drinking Beyond Coconut Water


  • Feel more refreshed in around 10 minutes.
  • Low in calories, meaning you can drink this all day long.
  • Full of antioxidants, amino acids and has more potassium than a banana, making it a nutritious powerhouse beverage for your body.
  • Removes the feeling of fatigue typically experienced around an hour after exercise.
  • Assists with cramp prevention when consumed half way through an exercise or sports match.Β  This is due to the 405mg of potassium in each can.


The coconuts are chemical free with no added sugar or preservatives added.Β  Β They are picked, pricked and poured into bottles ready to be shipped to Australia.


The ingredients of the coconut water have also been tested by Australian Customs who have verified the Nutritional Information on the can as accurate. Therefore you can safely assume this coconut water will only have positive impacts on your health.